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Lagoon® – the new environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning.
White Cloud have installed the Electrolux Wet Cleaning System, the first and only professional fabric care wet-cleaning system approved and endorsed by The Woolmark Company as the ideal alternative for the care of delicate garments.

Better for your clothes
Better for our planet
No toxic or ozone damaging chemicals
Your clothes are cleaner & fresher
Your colours are brighter

Lagoon® is an integrated system including cleaning, drying and finishing using water as natural solvent, assuring a surprisingly effective and ecological clean.

Tested programmes and dedicated equipment are specially designed to perform the perfect cleaning and drying of your fibres.

The innovative wet cleaning process ensures that all kind of textiles are gently and efficiently cleaned.

Lagoon® can process even fabrics, traditionally the sole domain of dry-cleaning.
Special biodegradable detergents and recyclable machine components are essential part of a complete package.

Wet Cleaning

Water is the first key component to understand what gives Wet-cleaning the capability to keep fabrics looking better and smelling fresher.

The second very important key is the use of specific detergents. When adapted to natural fibres they will protect them from deformation.

Then it is just a matter of adding the correct amount of biodegradable detergent, along with a gentle mechanical action over the optimal period of time.

As a result water is able to naturally remove stains and transport dirt to the waste pipe.
What’s left behind is a fresh smell of cleanliness, a soft touch to the fabric, brilliant whites and bright colours. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the demand for wet-cleaning effectively treating stains in fabrics is growing.

Using environment friendly products, Lagoon® protects and respects the environment, in full compliance with international standards.

WHY Lagoon®
Thanks to the combination of technology and gentle care, Lagoon® finally allows you to safely clean your most delicate clothes.

Perfect cleanliness, fresh smell, soft touch, bright colours and brilliant white – enjoy the benefits of Lagoon® while preserving the quality of your garments and the environment.
A superior method for removing sweat and protein stains.

Better results on PVC-lined garments and finer fabrics with sequins.

Minimal damage to buttons and plastic zips.

Clean most garments/fabrics and also handle waterproofing.

Wet-cleaning of leather and suede with specific detergents.